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Sharni photo.jpg
Sharni Fitzpatrick
RN, B.Nurs
Practice Manager 

Sharni joined our team in January 2021 with extensive experience as a Registered Nurse and Senior Project Manager in the paediatric hospital setting over the past 17 years.

As the Nurse Unit Manager of the neurology ward at the Royal Children's Hospital for 6 years, in addition to other nursing management roles in Neuroscience, Sharni developed extensive knowledge of a range of neurological conditions and complex disabilities in addition to family centred care practices. As a Senior Project Manager she has well-developed organisation, administrative and change management skills.


Sharni is passionate about helping families to have the best possible healthcare experience for their child through good communication and family centred care practices. She looks forward to broadening her experience in community healthcare while working for Little Movers Physiotherapy.

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